🚀AMA Recap August 28th 2022🚀

Luke Do: Get ready guys!

Hey Everyone. 👋

Brandon Lee | SF: Hi everyone

Luke Do: My name is Luke, Head of communications from SleepFuture. 

I am  delighted to be hosting the AMA of SleepFuture today.

The previous AMA was great. 

Hopefully you enjoy the AMA today too

Our speaker is our CEO from SleepFuture: Brandon Lee

Brandon will update a lot more information today

Brandon Lee | SF: Hi everyone, Brandon here

Luke Do: how are you today Brandon?

Brandon Lee | SF: Im doing great, just had dinner. How bout you?

Luke Do: Me too. Just had dinner.

Let’s start our AMA today! 🥳

Brandon Lee | SF: Let’s go

Luke Do: Are you ready Brandon?

Brandon Lee | SF: 100%

Luke Do: My questions are

Q1. If a person gets WL from giveaway/staking – is it same 30% discount as for 18 lvl?

Brandon Lee | SF: Yes, if someone gets WL from giveaway, staking or any form of contests, they get 30% discount same as level 18 WL role

but I would like to clarify that

if you’re already whitelisted, and you happen to win another competition for another WL, please give us another wallet address, so you can buy 3 NFT per whitelist


Luke Do: Thank you

Q2. Can we collect WL from different sources on one wallet? Example: 6WL for OG + 1WL for Staking + 1WL for giveaway = 8 WL on one wallet

Brandon Lee | SF: Not really

If you are already OG, you already have the max – you can mint up to 6 NFTs on your wallet address.

And if you happen to stake, please use another wallet address

And there’s also the 100 days to the moon campaign, where you can stake and mint up to 10 NFTs. You need to give us another wallet address if you get WL somewhere else

The reason why we do contests, is to encourage those who are new to the server and don’t have time to grind for levels, to win WL and participate in the NFT minting campaigns.



Luke Do: Thank you, sounds great!

We will now ask Brandon some questions about the gas from ETH network.

Q3. People are worried because of just 2 hours window for OG. ETH network isnt cheap, so they are afraid of gas wars during this time limit.

Brandon Lee | SF: Ok

I understand their concerns

We will hold the minting in 3 to 4 phases: 

Phase 1: OG (minting period – 24hours)

Phase 2: WL winners from discord roles, staking, contests etc (minting period – 48 hours)

Phase 3 (unconfirmed): Initial NFT Offering collaboration with launchpads (24 hours)

Phase 4: Public (minting will end when supplies ends)

By doing that, everyone have a chance to mint and won’t be fighting for gas



Luke Do: Yes

My next question is

Q4. Mint date still in August? No delays?

Brandon Lee | SF: The NFT artworks are finally completed, I had to reject some artwork and ask our artists to refine as I want everyone to have a piece of Sleep Future NFT art that they are proud of.

We are building something new in our NFT smart contract, and its like an instant win, gacha or scratch card. 

After you mint your NFT, depends how lucky you are, you instantly get ETH, USDT, extra rare NFTs, smart watches and other items.

So this is based on pure randomness

Thats not all, Every NFT also gives you an automatic qualification to participate in our SLEEPFUTURE NFT HODLERs Raffle Draw: Stand a chance to win up to 1 ETH, or 2000 USDT, up to $10,000 worth of prizes to be won. 

Cloudee says: If you don’t HODL you lose boo boo!

So having said that, we expect the NFT minting date to be 21 September. Mark your calendars! 

We will come up with the official announcement soon


Luke Do: That sounds really exciting

Last question

Q5. People are worried about deflation of Sleepee token once the mobile app is out, what do you think?

Brandon Lee | SF: Yes I totally agree, and worry about the deflation of Sleepee tokens as well, since there’s a definite number of SLEEPEE

And its not fair for app users to earn so much SLEEPEE when our early investors invested in SLEEPEE since our seed, private, presales, IDO, IEO rounds and has been here with us since day 1.

So we came out with an in-game token: SLEEPT (Sleep Points)

You can get SLEEPT when you sleep, and based on your sleep quality.

Let’s say you get 70% Sleep quality, you get 70 SLEEPT (apart from your boosting rates). 

The in-game token supply is infinite and is not tradeable in DEX or CEX.

SLEEPT can be swapped in app to SLEEPEE

The formula now is 100 SLEEPT to 58 SLEEPEE (depends on the market fluctuation)


Luke Do: Very detailed explanation!

Thanks a lot for answering questions Brandon


Brandon Lee | SF: We will be updating our whitepaper and website soon with the latest details

Luke Do: Let’s wait for the NFT minting date and app launch soon.

Brandon Lee | SF: Please bear with us at the moment

Luke Do: Yes

The AMA with Sleep Future is now over. Thank you guys for joining! 🥳

We will make AMA recap and post to our channels shortly


Brandon Lee | SF: Oh yeah before I forget

There is a Cloudee art contest going on, if you are unsure what Cloudee is, Cloudee is the name for our NFT mascot

He sure looks cute!

Submit your art here: 


Luke Do: That is wonderful

Hey guys, we can ask some questions here so Brandon can pick up and answer!

Brandon Lee | SF: Yeah, I still have time available

Luke Do: We will open chat permission in the room shortly.

Brandon Lee | SF: I will create a thread and you can post your questions inside

So the ama room won’t be too messy for us to do a recap


Luke Do: Please pick some original questions to answer Brandon


Brandon Lee | SF: @shinitai — Today at 8:58 PM

Very excited for lottery idea! My question is about community activity. Team started a lot of contests, but are you planning something… very special and grandiose? Thank you!




Everyone’s definition of special and grandiose is different. LOL


We are totally keeping the heat up before NFT and app launch, and we can’t do this without everyone’s effort. Together we are stronger.


Look out for more collaborations and partnerships, and contests.

@hina hina

There is talk that ETH will split due to a hard fork, but will it affect NFT purchases?

Should I refrain from buying ETH yet?




ETH is just changing its consensus, gas fees and transaction speed is still going to be the same. But the good news is that its more environmentally friendly. You should acquire ETH when its low. I can’t confirm when its the lowest.

@mw_no14 | Sleep Future mw_no14 | Sleep Future 

minting date to be 21 September, when will  the app launch?




The app will still be launched in End September to beta closed testing to OG roles.

@Rich4rt | Game Inn Rich4rt — Today at 9:02 PM

It is not difficult to guess that you are targeting an audience of Eastern countries. Will there be something like an ambassador program in StepN? When each region has a person-ambassador supporting the development of the project in the region?

For example, in Europe. Thank you!


When we first start, our community was strongest in the East and Im very thrilled that we have community from as far as Russia and Europe now. That’s the power of web3 where there’s no borders.

We are looking into ambassador program for every country. And yes, we are looking at Europe too. 🙂

@mw_no14 | Sleep Future mw_no14 | Sleep Future 

Can SLEEPT be only swapped to SLEEPEE? Cannot play Gacha or something?

Does the rate of exchange SLEEPT change daily? How is it calculated?



SLEEPT can be used to swap to SLEEPEE, and you can also use SLEEPT or SLEEPEE to play Gacha.


The rate of exchange SLEEPT changes daily and its calculated based on:

100 SLEEPT = $1/current market price (SLEEPEE)

@GDAwex | SF GDAwex | SF 

SLEEPT are planned only for exchange for SLEEPEE or there will be more mechanics for burning them, because they are endless? And we don’t wanna deflation…



SLEEPT is only for in game only, not for exchangeable to DEX and CEX directly. There will be more mechanics to “burning” them, like playing gacha and other functions that are coming out in the Sleep Future ecosystem. 

We are also controlling the actual swap formula from SLEEPT to SLEEPEE from time to time.


Very good questions guys!

Luke Do: Great

thank you Brandon for very interesting answers today

You have 1 more question to answer right?

Let’s go ahead

Brandon Lee | SF: @exit346 exit346 

Sleepee is in BSC chain. But we need ETH to mint NFTs. Is my understanding correct?


Sleep is in ERC chain, and is cross swappable with BSC. And yes you need ETH to mint NFT

Ok im done

Luke Do: Great Brandon

thank you so much

See you in the next AMA. Thank you guys for joining and for your questions.

Brandon Lee | SF: Thanks everyone

See you again soon!