1What is Sleep Future? Could you please breif us about your project?

So Sleep Future is a sleep wellness blockchain company, and our aim is to improve the well being of everyone and we are doing this by sleeping. When we improve sleep, we actually improve health.And Sleep Future aims to combine the real world and virtual utility with our offline experience centres: Sleep Town and online utility: Sleepee mobile app.

So the first thing that we do is sleep monitoring, we reward users with tokens for good sleep quality, and if the sleep quality isn't good, they can make use of our resources: Sleep Edu (online courses to improve sleep) or Sleep Doc (virtual consultation with sleep docs and therapists).

Its a win-win for everyone.

2Awesome, What are your upcoming milestones and plans?

Yup, as fans of SleepFuture may know, we are doing our public round right now and we are going to be listed in May. So this is our immediate milestone.If you would like to find out more about our IDO and IEO, please follow the announcements in our telegram or Discord.Another upcoming milestone will be our Sleep Town, our offline experience centre where you can purchase sleep related products, mattresses, bedlinen etc

Our flagship Sleeptown will be in End May/Early June.

And our NFT sales will be in June/July. We will be coming up with our staking mechanism in May where you can stake and earn some APY and also a whitelist spot for the NFT sales. And as for the mobile app, the beta will be out in September. We have just launched a sneak preview of our mobile app in our discord channel today.

3Since $sleepee token launch incoming. Can you share more details about $sleepee utilities?

Yes a lot of exciting things are coming soon, but I need to hush hush since some are private and confidential at the moment. With regards to Sleepee Utility, we are not just a single utility like most projects, and We have got online and offline utility.

Lets talk about virtual utility first. First of all, you can earn SLEEPEE from just sleeping and its based on your sleep quality score, and we use the mobile app to detect your sleep quality based on your REM sleep, Non-REM sleep, Deep Sleep, Hours awake and with the score, you get rewarded with the SLEEPEE tokens.

And then you can use SLEEPEE in the ecosystem to buy sleep related products in our online store or offline store. So now we are in Singapore, Malaysia, and opening in LA soon. And this year we would like to expand to more countries including Thailand and Japan. So thats the offline utility.

We also plan to use our SleepTowns as a community gathering place to do some events for the community. We will also have our NFTs and gacha in the Sleepee mobile app, so users can utilise SLEEPEE and buy Gachas and earn booster cards. I always tell people that we are gamifying sleep, and the best thing is you don't need to spend your time and energy to play games, you just need to sleep

4 How to buy IEO? Is it still available to purchase?

Yes, its still available for purchase.Here's the link to buy:

5 Last question For us . Do you have an AUDIT certificate?

Yes, we are auditing our smart contracts and will be coming out with the audit certificate shortly.

6 Do $SLEEPEE holders have the right to participate in the governance of SleepFuture? What kind of decisions can they vote on about SleepFuture?

Yes this is very interesting as we will be launching regional DAOs. So each region will have their own DAO, lets say DAO in Thailand or Japan, and we will have core council members in each DAO.So each DAO can vote in our SleepTown business related matters, and decide where to open SleepTowns. They can also own a fraction of a SleepTown franchise by co-investing with other DAO members. And there will also be some DAO members who are business savvy who will head the operations of the SleepTown that is operated by the DAO.

7 What does Brandon do to sleep well?

So sometimes I have trouble sleeping and later I found out why.
1. Now my phone is always on sleep mode after 10pm, so no calls, no messages, no app alerts nothing. Which can prep me to sleep well.
2. I read bedtime stories too, so reading makes me sleepy
3. I try not to have coffee after 5pm, so I wont be caffeine overloaded.
4. I have a diffuser by my bedside table, so I will diffuse good quality lavender essential oil and also drip a few drops on my pillow.
5. There was a few moments back where I woke up in the middle of the night with anxiety attack because I was pretty stressed, so now I know how to manage my stress better and not to take things too seriously and personal to heart.
6. I do meditation and 5-10 mins of deep breathing exercise before I sleep, and it really helps a lot

8 I see a lot of updating in twitter about visit many country. Do you some have plan to get more partner?

Oh yes, if you have been following our twitter, we are collaborating with other partners worldwide. And because travelling overseas is more relaxed, so there's a lot of in-person events going on, and the upcoming trip will be in BKK for the Thai Crypto Expo. We are going there to shill Sleep Future and have some meetings for potential collaboration.

9As I saw in WPP, SLEEP2EARN will have “sleeptown” that will sell furniture and other sleeping merchandise, does that mean we may see some collborative between Sleep Future and other bedding item brands?

Yes, we are already collaborating with other bedding item brands, and we will come out with our in-house bedlinen, travel pillows, eye masks as well. We are collaborating with other NFT projects to incorporate their designs into our sleep items.

So NFT project merchandise is not just some boring tee shirts, but then think of mattresses, pillows, high end pajamas etc.

10What makes you inspired to make this “sleep to earn” concept?

Our parent company, 30 Tech has a few verticals, and one of them is a mattress company. So its by progression from web 2 to web 3, so I was thinking what can help us to get as much community as possible, and also with a good utility to support the whole ecosystem, and also with an idea of using blockchain for good. Thats why I came out with the Sleep to earn concept.

11Is it worth if people who but but only get 10% off TGE?

Looking at the bear market, we are pretty cautious when it comes to selling to day traders, because SF is a huge project and its long term so we are not looking for people who just want to pump and dump. That's why we have a vesting schedule to follow.

If you're looking for short term gains and you're not supporting into the vision of SF, I would recommend that you can invest somewhere else into a meme coin or some P2E instead. We are only looking for HODLers who wants to grow with us.

12What are the products SleepFuture team is focusing on developing?

Sleep Future Token

World’s First Sleep Wellness Sleep-To-Earn Ecosystem Build On Blockchain
➣ Earn $SLEEPEE token
➣ Sleep score
➣ Daily Earning
➣ Monitor your daily sleep

Website: https://sleepfuture.com/
Social link: https://t.me/sleepfuture
➮ Find more here: Linktree: https://linktr.ee/SleepFutureFinance

We are pioneering an innovative world’s first Sleep-to-earn system that improves sleep quality and also improves global health in general.

First of all: Our mobile app that can track sleep and reward users with $SLEEPEE tokens
2. Sleepee Store: where users can buy sleep related products, supplements online with $SLEEPEE tokens
3. SleepTown: our offline experience centres for all things regarding sleep
4. Sleep Doc: People with difficulty sleeping can seek doctor’s advice through virtual consultation
5. Sleep Cloud: For users who wants to participate in health study research sponsored by pharmaceutical, med tech etc companies

13 What role does the SleepFuture token play in your ecosystem? What are the benefits of long-term holding?

For $SLEEPEE tokens usage:
1. Users can purchase anything in Sleepee Store using $SLEEPEE Tokens.
2. Buy NFTs and gacha booster cards using $SLEEPEE
3. SleepTown – buy mattresses or other sleep products using $SLEEPEE in our offline experience centre

14 Can SleepFuture team please update some SleepFuture latest news or major events to attract more users?

Latest events will be our upcoming IDO on April 14, so please stay tuned to our official social media channels.

And recently we have been running some contests, like sticker design contest and invite leaderboard contest. Winners will win WL role for our upcoming NFT sales.

SleepFuture ROAD MAP.

Sleep Future Token.

Users can earn $SLEEPEE tokens every day after a good night’s sleep. Users are rewarded $SLEEPEE tokens based on their sleep quality score. We do this through a sleep monitoring app that is backed by a cutting-edge sleep science and improvement technology.

➮ Website: https://sleepfuture.com/
➮ Social link: https://t.me/sleepfuture
➮ dsc.gg/sleepfuture
➮ Find more here: Linktree: https://linktr.ee/SleepFutureFinance

15 Users are rewarded SLEEPEE tokens based on their sleep quality score. Can you explain how the sleep quality score is calculated? How many different types of scores are there? How do we sleep to get the best score? What equipment do users need to prepare for this Sleep To Earn?

The sleep quality is calculated not based on the hours of sleep, but your sleep quality. And its calculated based on your REM Sleep, Non-REM sleep, Deep Sleep, hours wake etc to come up with a percentage score.

The best score is 100%, but I have not seen anyone achieving 100 yet.

You do not need any equipment, you just need your cell phone next to you. It uses sonar tracking technology to determine your sleep quality.

16 Many games today set high costs to start the game & therefore start with a small player base. Does #SleepFuture have an entrance fee or starting conditions & if so,what are they Do I need to hold an NFT or hold a certain amount of tokens in order to enjoy & play the SleepFuture Game?

There’s 2 tiers to sleep-to-earn.

Free tier: allows you to earn up to $2 USDT SLEEPEE for sleep quality of 100%.

Paid tier: You need to have a NFT to activate more earnings -> $10 USDT $SLEEPEE for sleep quality of 100%.

You can also spend $1 USDT on gacha to boost your earning rates.

17 Partners are very important for every project today, may I know which partners you have now? and which partners in the future you will be heading to?

We are partnering with Asia Token Fund who has been in the crypto space for a long time. We are also working with Huawei, who will be doing some marketing videos with us soon. So stay tuned.

Sleep Future Token.

World’s First Sleep Wellness Sleep-To-Earn Ecosystem Build On Blockchain.

➩ Earn $SLEEPEE token
➩ Sleep score
➩ Daily Earning
➩ Monitor your daily sleep
Website: https://sleepfuture.com/
Social link: https://t.me/sleepfuture
➩ Find more here: Linktree: https://linktr.ee/SleepFutureFinance.

18 How do you think a game can last for a long time in this market? What kind of options does the SleepFuture platform offer to the players in the game mechanisms, for example, can we play your game with our friends, organize events among ourselves and challenge them?

Sleepfuture can be a game in some ways, but not really a game. Most games require too much effort, but for us, the game-fi features is in playing and winning booster cards in the Gacha.

Etc, if you draw a 500% booster card for 1 night, the next thing you need to do is just go to sleep! It’s that easy!

And yes, there will be leaderboard and you can form teams to compete with other teams for the best sleep teams and win $SLEEPEE. And that will be in the later stage.

19 What is the market for #SleepFuture? Who are the potential clients you’re concentrating on? What is SleepFuture strategy or goal for attracting new users around the world, particularly in communities where people are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency and do not speak English?

The market for SleepFuture is really everyone

Its divided into a few categories:
1. Gamers/Crypto investors – who are into crypto investing and P2E games.
2.Home owners – who wants to buy sleep products and earn some $SLEEPEE token rebates
3. People with sleeping problems – who wants to solve their anxiety, insomnia issues
4. B2B – Companies that are developing sleep products and would like to have more data and feedback from the ground

Our community are pretty diverse, and we have moderators in our communities who can speak Japanese and Chinese.

Google Translate is really quite a good tool for non-English speakers.

20 Do you have any YouTube channel, or website for this project? From where, we can learn something?

We don’t have an official YouTube Channel but you can find our Japanese fans creating introduction videos about SleepFuture. We do have website: www.sleepfuture.com, and we have TikTok for non crypto people: https://www.tiktok.com/@sleepfutureofficial.

21 Currently, NFT is very hot, do you think you will apply NFT technology to your products in the future?

NFTs are used in our sleep-to-earn ecosystem to increase earning rates when sleeping.

22 Many projects gets abandoned due to low fund and weak experienced team , what are the strengths and weakness of your project?

First of all, we are from a group of companies, and we all come from different backgrounds. We are not fresh grads who have no idea what we are doing.

23 How important is the community to you? and how can we collaborate or help you for the development of the project?

When I first started SleepFuture, I told my team that community is number 1. Without community, there’s no project. So I made sure we took time to build the community. We have awesome mods who translate our official documents and even our AMAs into other non-English languages.

24 In which countries is your project present?

Our team are from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and US. And our project is global, as long as you have a mobile phone, you can start using our app.

We send exclusive invites to our waitlist members to join in our closed mobile app testing. Join the waitlist now.